Our history

A family with a tender heart

Baking has been a long passion of the Baillardran family

Philippe Baillardran, astory that has become our own

Philippe was introduced to the family bakery at an early age, alongside his father Raymond, his mother Pierrette, his brother Jean-Pierre and his sister Marie-Christine.

But his aspirations were quite different: to develop the store around a single product.

He then set out to conquer the Americas and its language, of which he did not speak a word. He started out in a French restaurant, before being offered a golden opportunity in a New York restaurant. He continued his apprenticeship in Cleveland and then delighted the inhabitants of Mantucket Island with his bread rolls. 

Formerly a family's bakery, now the headquarters of Maison Baillardran

A place of emotion

Having been used as a kitchen for making homemade cakes, the cellar is now a storage area.
The store on level 0, where Pierrette's voice used to resound, is now a sales depot and the main production point for the canelé dough.

The second floor now houses the administrative offices, including those of the management.

Angèle Baillardran occupies the former living room while Philippe officiates from the room that served as his bedroom, as a teenager, together with his loving brother and sister.