The Baillardran Company

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The heart of the company is Canelé

In 1988, Philippe Baillardran, a pâtissier’s son, decided to  put the canelé – a small soft cake, flavoured with vanilla and rum and envelopped in a crunchy, carmelised shell – at the heart of his business.

Baillardran, a renowned company in Bordeaux, successfully brings together know-how and tradition resulting in a quality product found in their typically French, elegant shops.

In 2000, Baillardran decided to extend its canelé product range and introduced macaroons and nougat sweets. Several branded products such as teddy bears, bags, magnets and candles are also regularly launched.

The Baillardran canelé is available in 3 sizes (bitesize, lunch, gold) and presented in various presentation boxes.

Baillardran Canelés

Baillardran Canelés

Our genuine Baillardran Canelés are available from all our sales outlets.