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Respecting tradition

Once again, Baillardran was keen to carry on tradition when they brought together sweets and canelé to create their first nougatine products.

Nougatine was invented by the confectioner Jean-Louis Bourumeau in 1850. The Empress Eugenie made the sweet treat popular  after first seeing it in a sweet shop in Nevers during a trip she made with Napoleon III. Immediately hooked, she asked the confectioner to deliver some to Paris. Subsequently, the nougatine was sampled in all of Paris’ prestigious salons.

Still today, Baillardran’s pâtissiers handmake different sorts of nougatine everyday, always true to the original, traditional recipe.

For special occasions, the Baillardran shops bring out special varieties of nougat: nougatine eggs garnished with canelés for Easter or decorated nougatine hearts also garnished with canelés for Valentine’s day.

Baillardran Nougatine

Baillardran Nougatine

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