Produit Artisanal

A palette of colours,
a jewel for the palate

It was a natural step when Baillardran decided to extend its canelé product range with macaroons: a small, soft, grainy cake made from ground almonds, icing sugar, caster sugar and egg whites.

The macaroon is a classic sweet treat in French baking and originated in the Mediterranean, most probably in Italy whilst also claimed by an oriental ancestry. It arrived in France in the 16th century and Queen Catherine de Médicis presented this new delicacy to Renaissance France. During the 19th century, the recipe progressed to two discs sandwiched together with either a variety of jam fillings or cream. In the 20th century, a pâtissier had the idea to stick the two discs together with a tasty, colourful ganache to indicate the flavours.

With a variety of colours and flavours, the macaroon  will tempt canelé lovers who appreciate a crispy outside and soft inside.

Lemon, pistachio, rose, vanilla, chocolate, … how can you resist?

Baillardran Macaroons

Baillardran Macaroons

Due to their intricate fabrication and specific conservation conditions, our macaroons are only available to purchase from our retail outlets.